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PSP games to look forward to in 2007 [Update 1]

2006 was a stellar year for the PSP, with countless gems hitting the system throughout the year. 2007 looks to be no different, and while we drink eggnog today, let's look towards the future with our currently most-anticipated titles. There are 17 tons of titles after the cut, and surely I'm missing quite a number of releases. Who said the PSP was dying?

[Update 1: Added more games.]

Capcom Puzzle World, from Capcom

Rainbow Six: Vegas
, from Ubisoft

The Warriors, from Rockstar

Gurumin, from Mastiff

Test Drive Unlimited, from Atari

Dungeons & Dragons: Tactics, from Atari

HOT PXL, from Atari

Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters, from Sony

Valhalla Knights, from XSEED Games

Burnout: Dominator, from EA

After Burner: Black Falcon, from Sega

Full Auto 2: Battlelines, from Sega

Gran Turismo Mobile, from Sony (maybe?)

Dead Head Fred, from D3

Xyanide Resurrection, from Playlogic

Chili Con Carnage, from Eidos

Elder Scrolls Travels: Oblivion, from Bethesda Softworks

Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2, from Ubisoft

Coded Arms: Contagion, from Konami

Silent Hill Origins, from Konami

Earthworm Jim, from Atari

Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, from Square Enix

Jeanne d'Arc, from Sony

Also expected:
Traxion, from LucasArts
Devil May Cry, from Capcom
Metal Gear Solid: Digital Graphic Novel 2, from Konami
Final Fantasy Tactics, from Square-Enix

Expect continued coverage of these games, and more, all next year on PSP Fanboy!

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21. i got a psp for christmas and i have no good games so i cant wait for those to comeout!!!!

Posted at 11:47AM on Jan 21st 2007 by j

22. Jebus Krist! Those are some awesome looking titles. I love Rainbow Six Vegas on the 360, so I'll seriously consider getting a PSP for that and other cool titles on this list.

Posted at 7:15PM on Jan 30th 2007 by Mike

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