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What we want from the next PSP update

If you're like me, you were somewhat underwhelmed by the 3.00 update. Maybe it was all the rumor-mongering, but I expected the latest update to feature a lot more than simple PSP-PS3 connectivity. Hopefully, someone from Sony's reading this, because this is what I'd like to see from a 3.5 or a 4.0 update.

  • It's hard to think of any improvements to the PHOTO channel, but one cool thing I'd love to see added is some "Fun" options, a la Nintendo Wii's Photo Channel. Being able to play around with the photos would be a neat way of making this feature slightly more useful. And, it would be a heck of a lot easier to do a photo puzzle on the PSP than on the Wii. Probability: Very Low
  • One of the niftiest things about Microsoft's Zune is that it allows you to share music, with restrictions. I'd love to see something similar. Users can send self-deleting DRM-protected music files to each other. The tech is there in the PSP: why not take advantage of it? Probability: Very Low
  • Unrestricted MPEG-2 & MPEG-4 support. The PSP is capable of playing video files as large as 720x480 via UMD, so clearly the hardware can handle downscaling high-res movies. The UMD market is all but dead, so why not free up this restriction? This will make video playback between PSP and PS3 nearly identical. Probability: Medium
  • Support for Quicktime videos. Most of Quicktime's videos are encoded in a version of MPEG that the PSP can easily decode. We should be able to play .MOV files on the PSP. Probability: Low
  • Support for Windows Media video. Probability: Very Low
  • Downloadable PSP games via the PlayStation Store. Not just PSone games, but actual PSP games. Probability: Very High
  • Better organization: include three folders when accessing games on Memory Stick? "Demos," "PSone," and "PSP." If you're like me, your PSP's GAME folder is bustling with way too many different files. Better organization would help a lot. Probability: Medium
  • Save states in PSone emulation. A lot of other emulators (like the Wii's Virtual Console) let you simply create a save state to resume at a later time. The PSP should easily be able to do the same. Probability: Medium
  • PlayStation Store! It's absolutely ridiculous that you need a PS3 in order to download games for the PSP. They need to get the PlayStation Store onto the PSP, ASAP. Of course, the PSP's wi-fi isn't really fast enough to support 500MB downloads, so an alternative would be to purchase and download a license via PSP, and then download the appropriate game files via PC. Probability: Very High
  • Remote Play shouldn't make the PS3 inaccessible. With eight gazillion teraflops of power, you think the PS3 would be able to multi-task. Probability: High
  • Downloading resuming? How frustrating is it when you're trying to download a 200MB video to your PSP, only to have the connection drop? The PSP should be intelligent enough to allow for downloads to resume. (The fact that the PS3 doesn't do this either is absolutely ridiculous!) Probability: Medium
  • Integrate the PSP into the PlayStation Network. You should be able to access your profile and messages via PSP. You could then chat or interact with other PS3 and PSP owners. Probability: High
  • Allow PSP games to use the PlayStation Network. One universal log-in across your PS3 and PSP online games would be absolutely fantastic. Probability: High
What do you think about my suggestions? What would YOU add to an upcoming PSP firmware revision? Feel free to add comments!

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12-13-2006 @ 3:07PM

Ixalon said...

Support for a proper bluetooth peripheral which could allow A2DP wireless stereo, multiplayer over cellphone connections, bluetooth GPS devices and cameras to be used AND best of all, support for bluetooth keyboards! I can dream...


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Tobber Harley42

12-13-2006 @ 3:45PM

Tobber Harley said...

To everyone wanting email support: I can only recommend getting a gmail account for that and use the (mobile version) from the PSP web browser. Works like a charm!!!


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12-13-2006 @ 3:57PM

jamma said...

how about a higher capacity battery with a built in bluetooth reciever. i've no idea whether or not this is possible, but i don't see why not.


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Tequila Mockingbird44

12-13-2006 @ 4:26PM

Tequila Mockingbird said...

@ pixelator 33

As much as I respect your comments, I have to say you're being an ass. I was kidding about firmware update being an analog...god damn...

And jesus christ...I hit a wrong key and accidentally pressed 4 instead of 5, call the police.


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12-13-2006 @ 5:41PM

Omen_20 said...

I do want text RSS support. I forgot about that. I also want PSP to have the ability to make folders and to be able to rename them. We should also have the ability to move files to different folders, etc. That way you can organize your files without needing a computer. It would also be cool if XMB could access the music files off of UMD games. In the music menu it could show a folder for all the game music on the UMD you have in the drive.


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12-13-2006 @ 6:42PM

StMadnes said...

a day to day planner or organizer, along with an alarm clock, would be great!


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12-14-2006 @ 1:40AM

Benjamin said...

Hmm.. no one is backing up my suggestion of allowing the PSP to run at 333mhz while charging? This would greatly improve performance in games, performance in general, and add to the benefit of having the brightness on +4.
Of course, someone is bound to say something along the lines of "why make people plug it in to charge and then punish them for using it as a portable device by lowering performance?" - Good arguement, and that is probably why we'll never see THIS happen, but what we WILL see is the PSP unlocked to 333mhz ALL THE TIME, when a better battery becomes available.

The PSP DOES need more features, because, at the moment my (and most other) cellphones can do more than the PSP.. wtf. (in terms of multimedia).
My Sony Ericsson K750 has alarm clocks/mp3 player/2MP camera/Flash/bluetooth/homebrew app support/over 100 simple games/ built in emailing/equalizer/continuous video playback/loop/file manager/installer programs/multitasking/task manager/Internet/the lot. And the K790/W810 (next gen of the K and W series) can do even MORE.

If sony want to push the PSP as a multimedia system just as much as a gaming one, they aren't doing to well losing out to their own cellphones.
Heck, the PSP has wayy more power than a cellphone, so why is it that I can listen to music on my phone while viewing large resolution pictures, but I can't on the PSP?

Oh and btw, I sent the link of this article to SONY, doubt they'll take any notice, or if it will do any good. Hopefully they will.
All I said was:

This may be of interest:



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12-14-2006 @ 1:42AM

Benjamin said...

QUOTE: Email reply from SCEA.

"Hi Benjamin,

Thank you for writing us.

We appreciate your enthusiasm and continued support for our PlayStation(R) family line of products.
As you may have guessed, Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) receives great suggestions from
our consumers, as well as from our own employees, and employees of our affiliates, on a daily basis.

SCEA is continuously engaged in extensive research and development in many areas, including without
limitation, consumer toys and games, computer and video entertainment products, and other products
for consumer marketplace. SCEA may have developed, or may in the future develop, materials similar
or identical to those presented to SCEA by you. Due to the overwhelming submission of ideas,
concepts, and designs for products and our continual research and development, SCEA is unable to
accept ideas and inventions, which have not been requested by SCEA. In addition, we are sorry to
tell you that you will not be compensated if a product that is similar or identical to your
suggestion is produced. We hope you understand our position on this matter and we apologize for the

If you have further questions regarding this message, please refer to your email case

Multimedia Representative
Sony Computer Entertainment America
Consumer Services Department"


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12-14-2006 @ 1:55AM

Benjamin said...

Sorry for triple (eeek!) post, but I just sent this to SONY. I don't see the need in informing a large company how to do simple tasks, but it's worth a shot.
I'll keep you posted as to the reply.


Congratulations on taking the time to respond to my email, this certainly does show good customer service. It is always nice when big companies take notice of the consumer, and use the feedback to their advantage. So, I hope that someone/a team from SONY are reading the comments section of that article I sent you.
As for the second half of your response, I do not wish to receive any commission or payment for ideas I may have contributed, and that is not what I set out to do my emailing you the link.
The only rewards I wish to get are good future PSP support. I hope you have the wisdom to read the positive feedback about the PSP, the critiscms and the negatives. Take into account the various suggestions that can be found riddled across the internet.
If you want a fine example of customer support and a company taking in what the consumer wants, then visit the Relic News forums.
Here you will see relic staff actively posting and reading on the boards.
It would be nice for SONY to openly welcome suggestions, as the ultimate benefit is for you as a company.
I don't have to list what benefits you get from letting other people do the thinking and research, as I'm sure you know what I'm on about, being a multi-national corporation.

The PSP is an incredible feat of technology in the portable market. It only needs consistent, whole-bodied support from SONY, and a decent marketing campaign to boost those sale numbers.
The PSP has yet to be pushed to it's technical limit (processor speed), and when it does the platform will become ever more versatile.

Good luck with the future ventures for SONY and the Playstation Portable, as you will need it.

Benjamin Humphrey
Christchurch, New Zealand


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12-14-2006 @ 2:11AM

Don said...

Here's an idea: How about actually cleaning up some of the features that are already there?

Notice how files have DIFFERENT rules for each section. MUSIC files are ordered by filename or ID3 tag.

PHOTO files are ordered by date modified(?!) This should be EASY to change to ordered by filename (alpha-numeric)

VIDEO files are ordered by filename (or number, really)... if they are named MNV*****.MP4 and MAQ*****.MP4. if the files are in the VIDEO folder then they automatically go to the bottom of the list.

Why can't all files have the SAME rules for displaying in order, and why can't they have the same rules for playing? MUSIC files play one after the other, it just keeps going until you stop it, unless you select group mode. VIDEOS and PHOTOS should have the same option.

New features are great, but there's still some cleanup to do with the ones that are already here.


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max F51

12-14-2006 @ 10:30AM

max F said...

It would be very nice, if they could put :

and having more than one clock (New-york time, tokyo time, Montreal time)

and finally having the possibilities of changing the black background for other colours when you put a photo on background.


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12-14-2006 @ 5:32PM

Klippoth said...

Mpeg and Mpeg would be ok, but what we really really need is Divx/Xvid AVI support. And some FLAC support would be great too...


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12-14-2006 @ 5:38PM

h0mi said...

Improved text entry and some way to load/change settings (like WEP) via text files so that entering a 26 char WEP key isn't the pain in the ass that it currently is.

I'd also like to not need to convert so many different (video) file formats to play on the PSP, but this seems to me to be a long shot.


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12-14-2006 @ 5:59PM

h0mi said...

Can we get some improvements to text entry? How about some way to edit/save/load settings (like say my 26 character WEP key... let me load it from a text file or something) because text entry on the PSP is a pain in the butt.

Support for more containers/codecs would be great, so I don't need to either rename & copy files to a specific directory or convert the file to a specific resolution & avi codec. I wanna copy my video podcasts from itunes to \psp\video without having to do anything else to make it play. I want to rip my DVD to xvid (or divx) and copy the files to \psp\video instead of having to do a 2nd conversion.


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12-14-2006 @ 7:37PM

Sean said...

YOU CAN USE SUBFOLDERS! You can divide your music and pictures into subfolders, TRY IT. You can also access files anywhere from your psp. Web Browser->file://****
TRY IT and, yeah, the Playstation Store is a must.


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12-14-2006 @ 11:20PM

Benjamin said...

Hello Benjamin,

Thank you for writing us with your kind words. Your feedback lets us know that we are on target.
Again, we appreciate you taking the time to write us with your comments, and really appreciate your
support. Please rest assured that we will convey your feedback to Sony Computer Entertainment
America's ("SCEA") appropriate management.

If you have further questions regarding this message, please refer to your email case

Multimedia CSR
Sony Computer Entertainment America
Consumer Services Department


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Colten (Olive Branch, Mississippi57

I honestly don't understand the reasoning behind Sony wanting to stop the homebrew applications that run on it. I think that for the next update they should realize that if they would allow people to create homemade apps to run on their system that many, MANY MANY more people would purchase the system. The system itself is a VERY agile system to say the least. It is like they want to destroy their sales. I really don't understand it. Honestly say that you are a business professional in his mid 20's. Your still young so you like games and you also are a professional at work Why not integrate these two. Allow the psp not only to support it but also to run (sony created) software to act as not only a gaming device but also as a PDA. That would be brilliant. Right now I got to work with a PDA and play the PSP during my breaks as something to do. I would love to see the PSP breakout and trully shine with it's full potential. Right now brand new a PSP cost $199.99. I think that they should sell a PSP version that actually runs Windows Mobile. They could tack on another $50.00 to cover the cost of the OS but in the long run you think about it by removing the restrictions set out by the Sony Corp. You could have a gaming device, PDA, Media Player, Video Player, Photos, and now that the new PSP camera is out the possibilities are endless. You can with it (Camera) have video calls to and from any PSP in the world. Take pictures, record videos, record voice memos and so much more. Last but not least I would really like to see support for games to run in the infrastructure mode for multiplayer. That so we don't all have to sit in a room like a bunch of PSP dorks trying to play against each other. This can go as far as support for playing against people with the PS3. I know that I said that was the last but here is one more suggestion, the IR port that is on the PSP and has no apparent use...Why not create an adapter that would allow you to connect the psp to the tv so that instead of playing on the small screen you could wirelessly play ur game on the tv. IR ports have plenty of enough power and data transference to support this feature.Thank You for reading my comment and if you have anything that you would like to add please email me at

[email protected]


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12-25-2006 @ 3:43PM

bmyles said...

in update 3.xx the important things i believe everyone would want is
1. a psp store is the main thing i would like to see.
2.latest flash player
3.A chat service like you can chat with a neighbor(adhoc) or around the world(infrastructure).
4.ability to share music and movies and also a tv service like the japs(ptv)
5.More features under network.


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12-26-2006 @ 12:14PM

TheCrusher said...

A few things:

The PSP-system only has about 32MB internal memory and the updates are already up in 24MB. Off course we want stuff but it isn't all they can put into it..

But anyway:
I want new theme's to the PSP

Let the PSP support GIF! Ok it does but not animations! It would be great to have Angus Young dancing around in the background while changing settings!

More visualisations! Maybe we could download from the PSP site you have on your bookmarks, or a default channel (RSS) which you could download this from?

More support for different formats

Download more games, demoes and PSONE games without having a PS3 (some of us is living in Europa!)



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12-29-2006 @ 8:10PM

chris said...

first things first i think the psp should support java
one for for online play and to for easy downloads
i think it stupid to not be able to do wnload othe free game site and games on to your pspyou think it wpuld
be perfectly compatiblewith its wi fi


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