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Sonic Rivals trailer

Sonic has been cursed with some pretty mediocre gameplay in the past generation when placed in the third dimension. But, the 2D platformers found on the Game Boy Advance were all very solid. Sonic Rivals, the upcoming PSP-exclusive title features 2D gameplay, but with 3D graphics.... So, will it fall into the same curse that all the other 3D Sonics have?

This trailer shows off some solid (and very speedy) graphics, but the gameplay worries me. Does it seem a bit too shallow? I'm afraid that because of its focus on racing, it might forget the important platforming element so crucial to a platform game. You watch the trailer and you be the judge.

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8-26-2006 @ 7:17AM

uchiha5 said...

Im almost certain this game will be a hit. Sonic Rush featured 2D gameplay with 3D graphics and look how amazing that was.


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Silver R. Wolfe2

8-26-2006 @ 7:51AM

Silver R. Wolfe said...

It may not be the Sonic we knew from the Genesis, but it still looks like this title is breaking the current trend of floptastic Sonic games by going back to its roots somewhat.


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8-26-2006 @ 11:15AM

Ice said...

That game looked completely USeless, looks like you just press right on the D-Pad and thats it. What a waste

The only portion that looked intresting and halfway cool was the Turtle portion the green rotating turtle where Sonic was not going 100mph, that small portion was very Marioesque and therefore cool, the rest looked like a movie of a Loading screen of Sonic running I would not even call that gameplay.


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8-29-2006 @ 6:21PM

Sponge said...

I agree, I liked Sonic CD because you actually had to search through out the entire level to truly win.


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