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Loco Roco director rolls out the details

1UP sat down with Loco Roco's director Tsutomu Kuono to chat about the behind-the-scenes action of the game and how a perky yellow blob gets cast as the star of a buzz-worthy title. One of the most interesting bits of the video involves Kuono's quick explanation for the game's title, which apparently was inspired by the two primary buttons used in the game, the Left and Right triggers. Like all strange and potentially gimmicky ideas, Kuono initially had a hard time convincing anyone Loco Roco was worth making. Fortunately, this was all a part of the refinement process, and now the game is on the verge of raising everyone's Seratonin levels.

"I wanted to make a crazy, stupid game!" Said Kuono. Dang, that makes me want this game even more.

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1. This seems to be a very interesting game!

Posted at 4:52PM on Apr 15th 2006 by Jerome

2. I have played the downloadable demo available from the "PlayStation Spot" around some places in Tokyo.
It may sound and seem completely stupid... but, it is a really fun game.
No shooting, no killing, no sex, no words, no cursing... just fun with a lot of imagination.

Posted at 5:44AM on Apr 16th 2006 by TechRep

3. Actually, he said that the Left & Right triggers WASNT the inspiration for the name of the game. He said that they looked through a hawaiin dictionary and looked for something that suited the tone of the game. The L & R triggers matched the L and R in Loco Roco came as an afterthought.
And I'm pretty sure he didn't say "stupid" game. He just said "I wanted to make a crazy game!"

Posted at 12:58PM on Apr 16th 2006 by Andrew

4. OMG I can't wait for this game..... I love stupid games, I fell in love with Katamari and now it will be this one AAAHHHHHH!!!!

Posted at 6:13PM on Apr 16th 2006 by Jamesology

5. Shows the difference in cultures, eh?
American-"I want to make a crazy stupid game!"-fails.
Japanese-"I want to make a crazy stupid game!"-golden.

Posted at 7:57PM on Apr 16th 2006 by rainking187

6. Doesnt it look like he's holding a paper cutout of locorocos? (like the paper dolls of yesterday)

BTW- this game looks killer! I cannot wait to check it out.

Posted at 1:37AM on Apr 18th 2006 by Deth

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